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There are times when we all need a little HOPE. Our hope themed box includes a THEME CARD affixed to the inside lid, a MINI POSTER, a REMINDER STICKER, a SCRIPTURE CARD, a BOOKMARK and a 31 day devotional BOOK with a special message inside! $3 shipping & handling will be added at checkout for US addresses. Int'l shipping rates vary.

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Billie W. - 02/07/2016

Spoke straight to my heart

My review was basically a split of the hope box and the strength box because they spoke straight to my heart living with many complicated and lifelong illnesses that have no cure and are could be fatal I found that those boxes to speak to me,,,, Jesus saying to me you are my child I am not leaving you alone while you may feel you can't do this I am right there with you I will pick you up when you are down and I will carry you and in those moments that I feel so helpless and there are so many I am reminded that I am his child. The whole box also spoke straight to my heart because I lean on hope everything will day I wake up every single day and I just string on the help and I I hold onto it like it's my lifesaver because that is what gets me through every single day knowing that God gives us this ever loving hope. God gives us this never ending piece if we choose to hold onto that no matter what we're going through everything will be OK in His hands and for me this is what I hold onto every day all through the day sometimes I remember I sell multiple times the day.

Janice M. - 11/02/2015

No Title

Lovely motivation. Keep the book by your bedside along with all of your scripture cards or pass it onto a friend in need.

phyllis d. - 11/02/2015

Words Help

The day this box came, a dear friend of mine received some very bad news. After we prayed together I gave her the book. It touched her in a way that gave her the courage to continue the fight know. I have since sent her a gift pack, and she enjoys each month the encouragement.

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